Ford C Max affordable price making it prominent
  • July 12,2018

One petrol engine with two power variants one diesel machine with greater power

An MPV with ample headroom for all five seats’ occupants is Ford Focus C Max. It is compact in size but flexible and practical in interior space so you will be happy with it either you drive or ride it.

One petrol engine is with two power variations and one diesel machine that to satisfy those seeking power to run it are making completing the range. The base level option is 1.0 litre that seems lacking the required pull but it performs up to the mark.

In its class of vehicles, it is an excellent choice but it is not a perfect one as it leans on bends. But when put in comparison to rivals its grip and movement on sharp turns remain very much in control so you can enjoy the drive.

For riders comfort, it always keeps them well in position to avoid track imperfections. With these stats, it is quite obvious to select it if the pursuit is of compact MPV.

 A viable family car with some latest features

The first engine with just 99bhp is not that good as the next variant performs far better. But if you know to adjust in your limits then the prior one is also a fine choice. Crossovers and trucks are getting popular and car sales have been shrinking.

But experts believe that it would not last long so a viable family car with the latest technology features and engine performance should remain persistent. The next in line-up is the same petrol machine but extended power of 124bhp that is really good to pull it harder.

As you move upward price definitely increase that is why it is not worth mentioning that buyers need to pay more than earlier choice to own it. The difference in performance is great so you feel it behind the wheel.

Three Engines and three trim levels

The last in the row is a superb blend of performance and economy it is 1.5-litre diesel Ford C-Max engine. This option is not as refined as some other of the same power but it pulls the car well and even at low revs performance remains good.

Other than these three options you also get three trim packages that are to please buyers desire to make their vehicle somewhat perfect. Higher level trims offer better infotainment facilities on eight inches touchscreen.

Driver seat has been focused much to offer comfort and support throughout the range. That is why hardly any complaint about it.

Better equipped Titanium package is most liked

The buyers surely go with the better-equipped Titanium trim because then there would be the least feel of lack of driving aide and tech features. By paying additional money you could have rear parking sensors and with features of the aforementioned package, it would become competitive.

Diesel engine fuel economy is quite good though power is also formidable to pull it at a decent speed. Warranty of three years or sixty thousand miles is also appealing because it is standard throughout. This is missing in most of the rivals but not best of the class. So at a low price, you get a reasonable vehicle.

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