Ford Focus Adding a New Flavor
  • May 22,2018

Remarkable upgrades with introduction of a new model

A refreshing wave is brought about by the company giving Ford Focus a brand new look with the addition of technology and gadgets to play with. If you are to describe it in one line, Focus is a vehicle with good driving dynamics, attractive looks, and practical layout.

This is the fourth generation upgrade, ready for the competition with Volkswagen Golf. This new one is sportier with its elongated front and additional cuts and trims. There is an addition of new Focus engines. Moreover, the interior has also been revitalized with minor lifts.

With these significant minor and major changes, there is quite an amazing overall effect created by the firm with success. The entry price to the range has also been lowered to 17,930 pounds i.e. lessening, £2,300. It seems to be a sports car but it is a hatchback, this is the beauty of owning it.

The buyer gets a two in one flavor and experiences a mystical impression.

Fresh Engine entries

Engine upgrades always catch the attention of buyers and so is done in this new Ford Focus. There are two old engines that are carried over 1.0 litre EcoBoost and 2.0 litre diesel engine; the rest is a new introduction.

First newcomer is the 1.5 litre EcoBoost with two power outputs of 148 bhp and 180 bhp. This one employs cylinder deactivation, which cuts down fuel consumption and obviously with it comes less emissions.

Then with the diesel version, this 1.5 litre EcoBlue is also present with good efficiency and environmental friendly. This is an impressive range where emissions are kept in special check and fuel economy is attended on seriously.

Behavior on road

If only one word is asked for to describe the drive of this hatchback, it will be ‘fun’. There is no doubt in its performance on road with a very smooth and tight handling. The steering is well in control accompanied with Electric Power Assistance.

This technology adjusts the steering to deliver precise responses when the vehicle is in high speed. It also helps the driver to detect any upcoming sudden change in the road surface to avoid any unpleasant experience.

The result is a well-controlled drive always keeping a check on where the car is heading and what should be done. Focus especially satisfies the drivers who are always looking for an adventurous ride.

Interior and Technology

Here too, there are innumerable improvements, of which few can be listed and rest is a surprise. The teaser is all you will get. The first one is the FordPass smartphone app. You can connect to your car in the real sense and can operate a few functions from distance e.g. locking and unlocking through this amazing service.

And in the case of eight-speed automatic transmission system, it can be started remotely. Then there are driver assistance tools available that are up to date according to the new technology. There is an improved luggage space and passenger space is comparatively more than before.

The material is of a better standard, creating a lavish feel. Technology is not for only the fun part, there is safety, which is well in check in this new version.

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