BMW X3 is good and reliable in SUVs
  • June 11,2018

Splendid interior and dashing exterior is its hallmark

With wonderful resale value, BMW X3 is an outstanding vehicle

Performance is everything in vehicles but there is something else to get popularity all over the world such as good looking, durability, reliability, safety, and above all resale value of the vehicle.

BMW is a brand with high resale value and you can sell it on the spot. X3 SUV is one of the best items in SUVs by BMW. It is a great vehicle with great practicality, features, and performance. It is considered best in this class due to its resale value.

With great and decent handling, it is wonderful off and on road. With the spacious interior and plenty of Hi-Tech features, it is on leading seat in SUVs. In the presence of Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, and Land Rover Discovery, it has its own peculiarity and very high rating among customers.

Broad and spacious Interior has made it a reasonable vehicle

If you have good and enough space to use when you make perfect thing same is the case with BMW X3 interior. It is wide and box-shaped so there is plenty of space to use for its designer and BMW has used this space with great masterly hands.

Its interior is beyond flaws and mistakes. Its dashboard is wide, open, and well knitted with great and Hi-Tech material and control systems. Steering is on very high driving position gives the best control of the heavy SUV.

Stuff and material used by BMW in this vehicle are of world standard and unique in the quality. Leather upholstery touches are great and enhance the beauty of the interior. Metallic touch is awesome as well. Interior offers nice and comfortable cabin for the occupants.

Its cabin is spacious and with a great practical approach along with the relaxed and comfortable environment.

Engine range is superb with diesel ones

Among other diesel engines available in the range, two BMW X3 engines are noteworthy. Both are 3.0litre V6 engines. One of them is capable of 254bhp and 413lb/ft of torque. A good and powerful diesel engine takes 6.0 seconds to reach from 0-62 m/h along with 130m/h top speed.

It is a six-cylinder diesel engine but its fuel consumption is very economical. It offers 47m/g of fuel average along with 159g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with eight-speed step automatic transmission along with AWD unit as standard.

The second unit in the same 3.0litre engine is capable of 308bhp and 465lb/ft of torque. It is quick and fast in response and takes just 5.1 seconds for 0-62m/h sprint and a top speed of this engine is 155m/h.

It is a big engine in size but surprisingly its fuel average is feasible one. It also offers 47m/g along with 157g/km of Co2 emissions. With eight-speed step automatic and AWD as standard, it is the best choice overall.

Safety and reliability of BMW X3 is un-challengeable

BMW is a name of trust in the automobile industry. Its products have never let down its manufacturer. Its reliability and safety are up above the discussion. It’s strongly built with great safety kits have made it a reliable, durable and safe vehicle for all.

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